Books Week02-05

  • An Introduction to Lean Work Design: Standard Practices and Tools of Lean, Volume II by Lawrence D. Fredendall and Matthias Thürer
    Business Expert Press © 2016 (170 pages)
    ISBN: 9781631574917
    Approaching Lean as an exercise in work design, this book provides an understanding of what is meant by Lean, how it applies to work design, and how it can be implemented in a variety of industries and organizational settings to make those organizations more competitive.


  • Behavioral Marketing: Delivering Personalized Experiences at Scale by Dave Walters
    John Wiley & Sons © 2015 (256 pages)
    ISBN: 9781119076575
    Featuring case studies spotlighting the successes and challenges experienced by other marketing pros coupled with key lessons learned so you can more easily share in their triumphs and avoid their pitfalls, this engaging book reveals the secrets to improving inconsistent marketing processes and becoming more “revenue predictable,” which will benefit marketers in most businesses in every industry.


  • Experimental Capitalism: The Nanoeconomics of American High-Tech Industries by Steven Klepper
    Princeton University Press © 2016 (279 pages)
    ISBN: 9780691169620
    Presenting a culmination of a lifetime of research and thought, this thoughtful guide takes a dynamic look at how new ideas and innovations led to America’s economic primacy.


  • Lead the Work: Navigating a World Beyond Employment by John Boudreau, Ravin Jesuthasan and David Creelman
    Jossey-Bass © 2015 (304 pages)
    ISBN: 9781119040040
    Taking an incisive look at the evolving nature of work, and how it’s affecting management and productivity at the organizational level, this book explores the phenomenon of getting work done by means other than an employee in detail, and provides a new roadmap to help managers navigate this new environment.


  • Organizational Management: Approaches and Solutions by Peter Stokes, Neil Moore, Simon M. Smith, Caroline Rowland and Peter Scott
    Kogan Page © 2016 (296 pages)
    ISBN: 9780749468361
    Fusing together theory and the application of organizational management, this detailed book provides useful and practical guidelines for planning, leading, and engaging a workforce and its resources to achieve organizational goals.


  • The Big Shift in IT Leadership: How Great CIOs Leverage the Power of Technology for Strategic Business Growth in the Customer-Centric Economy by Hunter Muller
    John Wiley & Sons © 2015 (256 pages)
    ISBN: 9781118867129
    Written in accessible and easy-to-understand language, and filled with real-world stories and illustrative anecdotes, this important guide offers an actionable blueprint for executing the leadership strategies that have proven to work in thriving organizations.